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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall decorating. Because I can.

Fall is my favorite.  All of my favorite colors are in fall, reds, golds, browns... you get the idea.  Some of my pictures didn't quite turn out, so in the mean time, we're just gonna have to make do.

Before you decide that you totally hate me, cause I'm awesome, keep in mind that I didn't make all of these this year. 

I saw this on a blog post (somewhere... it was a link party)
I was able to make this for around $5 how sweet is that?!

I went back and added leaves to these.  Emma actually made an acorn too, just a quick hand stich for both of these, and the owls, and other pumpkins.

The spots on the curtains are rosettes that are left over from my wreath, I hot glued them to clear ribbons, then just pinned them with small silver straight pins so I can quick change 'em out when I'm done with my fall stuff.

More rosettes for my other window

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  1. I love your decorations!! I can't wait any longer and I will be decorating inside my house this weekend.