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Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY "play pretend" lamp for American Girl doll

There are definately flows in this process, but my little one likes it just the same.

I used:

2 tuille tubes
half of a ribbon spool, the cardboard part
paper- for base and for shade
modge podge
paper crimper
hot glue
string and beads for the lamp pull
marble rocks for helping the lamp stay upright
paper circles to stop holes, and keep the marble in.

(in hind sight, I needed another ring of paper to cover up the top of the lamp so the price tag doesn't show :D)

I used a paper towel tube to add some height to them


Hot glue paper circle to cover bottom hole, drop marbles in through hole, and cover with another paper circle, then glue the cardboard from the ribbon on (you can also use a cereal box to cut out a circle)
Punch a hole for the lamp pull. Attach cord and beads after you've modge podged the pole.
Modge podge pole, crimp paper (I used to 12" x 6"[Ithink] strips of paper)  hot glue to card board circle, and attach cord.  This is where I would have added paper to cover the top.  I've considered making it look like a lamp from the top... but, I haven't gotten that far yet. :D

DIY Arm chair for American Girl doll.

I asked my daughter what she needed for her American Girl doll Jessica, and she said that she needed a chair.  hmm.  Sounds like that that could be fun... so I went for it.  Cause if it didn't work out, there's always the American Girl store, right?

This is what I came up with.  I do recommend using a "doll needle" it's monsterous.  Like four inches monsterous.  But the doll needle was perfect for upholstering the chair base.

I used

A ruler
A pen
box cutter
Fabric (scraps, I don't actually know how much I used, less than two yards I would think)
a box (we used the box she came in)
ziplock bags- awesome for holding the stuffing in place
strong thread- for sewing fabric on
tape-for the box part and for telling the stuffing bags were they belong
hot glue, for attaching the final panels
poly fil
thimble, you'll need it, your fingertips will thank you.

This is very "eye balled" and I did have to make some adjustments in the end, I hadn't accounted for cushion size when I measured height.

Step one.  Remove girl from box.

Measure and cut box, save middle piece to cover front gap in chair

stack and tape two halves

I added poly fill to bags to desired fullness.

Cover bags starting with the arms, moving to the back.
I used household staples to hold fabric in place but they fell out.  A lot.  So I left the ones in place sewed on the back and side at AN ANGLE so that the bottom cushion would cover the stitches.  Then I removed the staples.

Trimmed off the fabric in the back. I sewed on the front of the arms of the chair, adding additional stuffing as I went.  I did use my sew machine to make the bottom cushion but this can definately be hand sewn.

Then I was ready to gule the final touches. The front was first.  I covered the front lip where the cushion meets the chair, sewed the back edge of the cushion to the chair.  Next I hot glued the side panels on wrapping them around the back a bit, then covered those bits with the final back panel.

Add a throw pillow

Maybe a lamp...

And a beautiful throw blanket... and viola!  Beautiful sitting area.