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Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY "play pretend" lamp for American Girl doll

There are definately flows in this process, but my little one likes it just the same.

I used:

2 tuille tubes
half of a ribbon spool, the cardboard part
paper- for base and for shade
modge podge
paper crimper
hot glue
string and beads for the lamp pull
marble rocks for helping the lamp stay upright
paper circles to stop holes, and keep the marble in.

(in hind sight, I needed another ring of paper to cover up the top of the lamp so the price tag doesn't show :D)

I used a paper towel tube to add some height to them


Hot glue paper circle to cover bottom hole, drop marbles in through hole, and cover with another paper circle, then glue the cardboard from the ribbon on (you can also use a cereal box to cut out a circle)
Punch a hole for the lamp pull. Attach cord and beads after you've modge podged the pole.
Modge podge pole, crimp paper (I used to 12" x 6"[Ithink] strips of paper)  hot glue to card board circle, and attach cord.  This is where I would have added paper to cover the top.  I've considered making it look like a lamp from the top... but, I haven't gotten that far yet. :D

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